Hello, I’m Hilary and I’m the creator of Scribbles and Scripts – a blog devoted to scrawling scribbles, crafting scripts, and journeying into the stories that these often become! Most scribbles that I’ve written have become scripts – I’m the winning screenwriter for Vital Film Works’ short-film, Cleaning,  as well as the winning scriptwriter for Midnight Audio Theatre’s The Music Box. I’m also the author of the poem Remember… as well as the photographer for the photograph, Looking Through, both of which were featured in the literary journal, The Manatee. My latest venture is a novel (and whatever other scribble that may come to mind!).

I hold a BA in Creative Writing and English with a focus in Screenwriting from Southern New Hampshire University and I enjoy numerous gigs as a freelance writer, editor, and filmmaker. When not writing or filming, I enjoy trips to the cinema, reading words, cooking recipes from far-flung places,  traveling (either across the road or across the continents), and playing my Fender Strat.


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