Writing through Anger


This evening, I read a rather interesting article about writing and anger. We’re often told that writing when we’re angry will result in regret (after all, our emotions are getting the better of us and we spill our thoughts and feelings in a moment of passion to another individual). However, writing when we’re angry for only the audience of ourselves is a completely different story.

Writing is perhaps on of the most therapeutic endeavors that you can participate in. If you’re angry, hurt, and dejected, it’s a way to get your feelings out of you in a constructive manner. It’s also a way to get your emotions out of you in a mindful manner. According to the article Five Steps on Mindfully Releasing Anger by Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT, “writing down your emotions—without judging them—is one of the quickest ways to become aware of what’s going on inside you.” I can tell you that each journal that I’ve ever written in throughout my lifetime has taken all sorts of anger from me – and has left me feeling better for purging in its pages .

This post perhaps seems a little out of character for Scribbles and Scripts, but I’ve suffered a number of frustrations over the past couple of months and I’ve noticed that writing has always allowed me to release these frustrations without ruining the relationships in my life. I’ve also been enjoying practicing yoga to release some of these frustrations as well, so perhaps that’s another reason why topics on mindfulness are so interesting to me at the moment.

So I’ll sign off on this post with a homework assignment for anyone who’s reading this – next time your angry, write out your feelings. No editing allowed. Just write. You’ll feel better afterwards.


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