Winter Reading and Paper Paintbrush Searching

Last month, I decided to take part in my local library’s winter reading program for adults. I’ve been reading quite a number of books lately, so I thought to myself, why not try and win prizes for each page that I’ve turned this winter?

The theme for this year’s winter reading program was “Master the Art of Reading” – with many art themed activities and prizes. Now, I’ve entered countless reading programs over the years and don’t often win the prizes that are advertised. I don’t have a problem with that, after all, I enjoy reading the books and taking part in the activities associated with the programs. However, when winning a prize involved going on a scavenger hunt to find a particular book on an artist (with said book containing a paper paintbrush) of course I jumped at the chance.

So off into the stacks I went.


The clue to finding the paper paintbrush was to find a book about an artist who cut off his own here. That is Vincent van Gogh, of course.

It didn’t take me long to find it, but in the process, I nearly knocked an entire shelf of books down. Embarrassing, I know.


Anyway, I proudly took this paint brush to the adult services desk and low and behold, I was presented with a small paint can that was filled with candy! 🙂 Some sugary fuel to help me continue my journey through the many pages of books that I plan on tackling through the remainder of the winter.


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