The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook

Columbus is my hometown. As much as I like to travel, it has always been my home base and is the only place where I have felt truly at home. Every winter, I look forward to our frosty and grey days and to the city decked out in holiday garb. Every summer, I look forward to all of the community events and festivals, one of my favorites being The Columbus Food Truck Festival. download

There are definitely a lot of food trucks around Columbus that cater to many different tastes and cuisines and it’s always a treat to try a food truck (or two!) at the Food Truck Festival that occurs in August. Yet, what to do in the middle of February, when food trucks aren’t as present? Why, cook up some food truck cuisine, of course!

I was on the hunt for cook books that would emulate the food truck dishes that I often enjoyed, but was disappointed to find that there weren’t many books focusing on food truck cuisine. So, you can imagine how overjoyed I was overjoyed to discover the Columbus resident, Renee Casteel Cook, would be 9781467135801discussing her co-authored book, The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook, at a local event. This was what I had been looking for! Smiling and with a bubbly personality, Mrs. Cook provided some great history into Columbus’ booming food truck business, as well as gave some great insight into the publishing process. I got to look at her book while attending the event and the recipes blew me away! Cinnachips, Chicken Chimichurri, Apple Bacon Brie Burger, Churro French Toast, and more! All delicious and all uniquely Columbus. It was like holding my hometown in my hand. A piece of Columbus culture and history bursting with flavor through the pages of this book. I will definitely be trying my hand at a number of these recipes!


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