Turkey Rambles-A NaNoWriMo Break

Started out Thanksgiving by going out on a three mile hike first thing in the morning yesterday. As some of you know, I have been participating in NaNoWriMo and this outside jaunt was something that I needed to tear myself away from the screen and the notebook, and give my eyes some much needed rest. (I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not procrastinating…)

It was a blustery, grey day yesterday morning and there was a spittle of rain falling from the sky. To me, this was prime time to be alone in the woods, but I got caught up in a turkey trot. Yep, people running and jogging past me with turkey hats wedged on their heads, all intent on “huffin’ for the stuffin” or getting into “feast mode” – as the signs say.

15181383_669158266592418_6864160907813984153_n (1).jpg

When all quieted down and the crowds moved out, nature seemed to reveal itself once more:


This was just what I needed after the extended amount of time inside. Nothing like rambles on turkey day to  boost your spirit and rejuvenate those writing muscles once more.

For those who are typing away on their novels and who are frustrated at each word that they write, for those that are daunted by the task before them as they try to meet the November 30th deadline, I suggest that you stop – for just a moment. Give yourself a little break and a pat on the back for coming along this far. A break never hurts anyone in the writing process, particularly if you are stressed in the intense final week of NaNoWriMo.

All writers need motivation and inspiration.

All writers need time for observation of their characters and their plot.

All writers need to come back to their writing with a clear head and a fresh look at the words on the page.

This will only happen if the writing process takes a break for just a moment.

So do just that. Step back for a bit. Congratulate yourself for how far you have come in the writing process and rest up for the final leg of the journey.



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