Halloween Horror on Old-Time Radio

Once upon a screen...

If you’re a horror fan you may be rolling your eyes at the idea of being terrified by radio shows.  But I guarantee that if you listen to these productions in a darkened room or while driving down a road in the middle of nowhere at midnight you will likely look over your shoulder.

You’re welcome!


E. G. Marshall hosts “Witches Almanac” for CBS Radio Mystery Theater

From The Hermit’s Cave here’s “The Vampire’s Desire”

The Black Chapel presents “The Crawling Terror”

From Inner Sanctum Mysteries you get “The Vengeful Corpse”

Ronald Colman stars in this tale of Suspense, “The Dunwich Horror”

From the shadows of the night comes Peter Lorre hosting this episode of Nightmare titled “Chance of a Ghost”

A Macabre presentation of “The Midnight Horseman”

Creeps by Night brings you “The Walking Dead” hosted by Dr. X, replacing Boris Karloff.

An old favorite from Suspense, “The Pit and the…

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One thought on “Halloween Horror on Old-Time Radio

  1. Hola. Tengo 41 años y me hayo aprendiendo inglés hará
    unos 4 años. El post me ha parecido épico para aprender idioma inglés.

    Me ha sido muy provechoso. Lo voy a incorporar a mis favoritos.
    Le doy las gracias por el post.


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