3 Days in the Park

The weather was so beautiful this long, holiday weekend – clear blue skies, a light breeze, 75 degrees – autumn was definitely in the air!

So, I couldn’t resist; I decided to go to a park everyday for this three-day weekend and I met quite a few characters, like these two:


Sigmund Frog and Tadpoleon.

Not to mention, Abe Lincoln. Knew there was a reason for why he wore such a tall hat. 😉


Plus, I stopped to browse a few books. War and Peas did catch my eye.


Jokes aside, I do feel so rejuvenated after spending this much time outside connecting with the beauty of nature.



Even if it meant almost accidentally stepping on this rather large snake.


It was just so beautiful. I feel so much better for having stayed outside almost all weekend. I even learned a great piece of advice:


Sometimes that’s all that you need to do!


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