I am officially saying that my town is in the midst of a “swarmageddon.” Want to know why? There are cicadas everywhere outside! In the trees, on my windows, on the ground – everywhere I look I see their big, crunchy, buzzing bodies.


We are in the last throws of summer, so I should probably expect the bugs to come out in swarms as they enjoy the last legs of the warm weather, but this is something else entirely! These are 17-year cicadas. These are a special group of periodical cicadas that hatched underground 17 years ago and finally, in 2016 (after 17 years) they emerged to live the last days of their life by mating and then dying.

17 years, can you believe that? These bugs are from the 90’s! They have lived in a state of suspended development (rather like Han Solo frozen in carbonite) for all of these years. Nature never ceases to astound me.

Now, I am not a big fan of insects (my philosophy is that they can stay outside and not get near me), but I couldn’t help discovering some more about cicadas. Now, this being Scribbles and Scripts, of course I found a short clip to share with you all!

Isn’t that amazing? I never knew that that clicking sound in the trees was actually the sound of a female cicada calling to her mate. Never did I know that you can also call the male cicadas to you by snapping your fingers. My geeky, science side is now battling with my insect-repulsion side to go outside this evening and stand in my yard and snap my fingers to see what happens.

I think the geeky, science side is winning….

Whatever you do, if you decide to snap your fingers to call these creatures, respect them. Don’t get freaked out and crush them if they fly at you. They are after all, looking to fulfill the mission of their life of producing offspring, so give them that chance.




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