[DISCUSSION] Do You Want to Write … Or Do You NEED to?

Do you want to write…or do you need to? Thoughts on writing from Meg Dowell.

Novelty Revisions


When I hear writers, especially newer writers, summarize their aspirations, answers usually seem to have one thing in common: the word want.

I want to inspire others. I want to publish a novel. I want to start a blog.

Very rarely do I hear other writers describe the role of writing in their personal and/or professional lives as a need. I need to tell this story. I need to add my voice to the discussion. I need to write this down.

The problem, I believe, revolves around a completely different word: passion. You have a passion for writing; you have a passion for creating things.

I don’t think our definition of passion always matches up with what it actually means to be passionate about something. Passion is emotional; using it in a sentence generally implies we have a very strong desire for something. But at what point does…

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