Chocolate-Covered Katie


It’s no secret that I like to bake. If you follow Scribbles and Scripts, you’ll notice that every now and then, I post about something that I recently baked. It’s a passion of mine!

However, what I’m also passionate about is keeping healthy  – and sweet treats and health sometimes don’t go hand in hand. That is what I thought, until I discovered this book:


I checked this book out at my local library more than 3 months ago – I am so happy there as not been a request placed for this book (though, people are really missing out). Katie Higgins is a genius at showing her readers how to make healthy baked treats. Now, don’t be turned off by the word “healthy”; these recipes are just as good as the original, if not better, with really just substitutions being made to the more fattening, high-calorie ingredients.

From Katie, I have learned how to make healthy carrot cake, granola, chocolate shakes, fruit smoothies, peanut butter pancakes, an avocado pasta sauce, and so much more! All without compromising my healthy lifestyle. I also find her recipes easy to follow and I’ve learned tips and tricks to baking that I will remember for years to come.

Do check out her book! Also, check out some of the recipes on her website:

Most important of all – get in the kitchen and start baking some of her treats!


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