A Surprising Walk

This is actually a true story, and one that happened to me just the other day. I honestly have never experienced anything like this before, but it just deepened my awe with all that you can experience in nature.

It was a hot, sunny afternoon. I was going for my usual walk, savoring the sunshine beating down upon my face and enjoying the sweet melody of bird songs that was trilling through the forest that was beside the walking path.

A breeze ruffled my hair, leading strands of copper and brown to momentarily cover my eyes. I hastily brushed them away and continued walking. Another breeze ruffled my hair, blinding me once again. Luckily, I had come prepared and slipped a hair tie around my hair, binding the strands back from my face.

I continued walking until, once more, I saw a flick of reddish brown out of the corner of my eye.

Really? I thought to myself and reached up to brush the hair from my face, but there was no stray strand of hair to be found. The reddish brow blur however, was still there, visible out of the corner of my eye. Surprised, I turned around.


There, behind me, peeping out of the tangle bushes of the forest, was a fawn. Small and a glowing reddish brown, it’s bright black eyes surveyed me as it swiveled its ears in my direction. Then slowly, it moved its spindly legs one in front of the other and left its forest shelter, trotting towards me.

Shocked, I stepped backward. The little fawn came confidently cantering towards me before stopping, it’s white fluffy tail erect and twitching excitedly.

We stood there, gazing at each other, before the fawn turned around and sprung back into the forest and I walked away in awe of all of the wonders and beauty of nature.




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