Has anyone seen Finding Dory?

If you have, you must know about the short film that was played before the feature. I’m talking about Piper.

Incredibly cute and with an amazing sense of detail, I was just blown away by this short film. Too bad it was only a few minutes long!

While I won’t give away all of the details about the plot, Piper is (in essence) all about a little bird overcoming his fears. It was perfect – story was to the point, the detail of the landscape was spot on (watch the trailer; see how the wet sand looks real?!), and Piper was just plain adorable with that squishy body and those big eyes!

I was reading an article about the making of this film and the artists behind the animation spent countless hours painstakingly rendering and documenting the ocean, not to mention the Sandpipers themselves.


So go check out Finding Dory – but remember, keep an eye out for Piper!




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