Nature’s Beauty – In Danger

This past week, I have viewed a great many short films that showcase the wonders of the natural world. From a video showing the birth of baby octopuses to the birth of a rare Sumatran Rhino calf, there was always something amazing to see from nature this past week (even if I was viewing it from the inside of my living room) and I have never felt more in awe of the natural world, in addition to heartbreaking sadness.

I read an article this morning, that informed me that the Great Barrier Reef is being bleached. It is quickly dying away due to human activity. Now, I don’t live near Australia. Heck, I live thousands and thousands of miles away from Australia, so why should this matter to me? Well, it does. It is yet another beautiful aspect of this Earth that is being destroyed by humans and this needs to stop. People, we need to listen, for nature is speaking to us.


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