Incredible Egg Art

To all of those who celebrate this day, Happy Easter!

While relaxing and enjoying this day with my family, I came across a video that takes the art of egg-dyeing to an entirely new level:

Directed by the talented Titus-Armand Napirlica, we are taken to  Ciocăneşti, a town partly located in Romania and present-day Ukraine that has been declared a museum of Eastern European village life because of the intricate motifs found on the houses.


Because they are so colorful and intricate, these houses are the direct inspiration for the just as colorful and intricately decorated eggs that are painted here.




Beautiful, aren’t they?

I can safely say that my Easter egg painting skills cannot live up to this standard.



On a day filled with my own family’s traditions for this special holiday, it’s wonderful to see how  different cultures celebrate this day with their own traditions. May this fantastic art form be carried out by future generations!




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