Back to the Bonnie Banks!

A year ago today, I had traveled to Scotland – my first ever trip abroad.

I honestly can’t believe that I traveled thousands of miles all on my own and landed in a foreign country with only a backpack on by back and an adventure at my fingertips. Truly an experience that I will never ever forget.
I will say, the desire to travel back to the bonnie banks of Scotland is very strong and I do hope to go back sometime soon. However, until then, I will have to content myself with the only way of travelling that I have available to me – through reading!
I recently checked out this book at my local library:
Here writer, Liz Curtis Higgins travels to Dumfries and Galloway in the southwest corner of Scotland and details her delightful adventures along the way.
I’m already about 70 pages into this book and I love it! The author writes it as though you are right there alongside of her as she wends her way through villages and countryside that looks as though it’s the setting for a fairy tale.
Yes, that is a picture of where this travelogue takes place. Beautiful isn’t it? Going to Scotland made me realize that it is truly possible to be absolutely in love with the natural world.
I never went to Drumfries or Galloway, but it is prime Robert Burns country.
O my Luve’s like a red, red rose,
That’s newly sprung in June:
O my Luve’s like the melodie,
That’s sweetly play’d in tune.
Ah, so beautiful (even more beautiful if you hear Sam Heughan recite it ;).
I need to go back to Scotland some day and perhaps trickle down into Dumfries and Galloway, but for now, I will crack open My Heart is in the Lowlands, look through all of my photos from my trip, and listen to Sam Heaughan recite poetry a little more. 🙂

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