Modern Love

Here I was longing for a book to read this week until I discovered the awesomeness of podcasts, well, one in particular – Modern Love.

I am not a regular reader of the New York Times but apparently, there is a column in there called Modern Love and this podcast is devoted to bringing some of these essays to life. Now don’t get me wrong, I had some trepidation about listening to this. For one thing, I thought it was going to essentially be an advice podcast, with some official person dolling out advice to the latest person to have yet another relationship drama or worse – those uncomfortable ER stories in which people have become embarrassingly hospitalized due to their not-so-thought-out exploits in love. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

Anyway, it took my by surprise! These are some well written essays with raw human emotions embedded within them that detail the many shapes and faces that love takes within life. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, most people associate romantic relationships with love, but this podcast reminds the listener that love stories don’t just revolve around a romantic partnership – a love story can revolve around a person and their pet, someone and their parents, a mother and her adopted child, etc. Love is many-faceted and this podcast brings this to life. I say check it out by giving it a listen at this link.

New episodes are every Thursday!


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