The End of a Story

Well, I woke up today bracing myself to undergo some dental surgery (which, thankfully, went well, though I am giving full credit to the laughing gas that was employed). I also woke up today to read the sad news that actor, Alan Rickman, has passed away.

I don’t have an intention of making this blog post a eulogy, as that seems too personal. Instead, I’d like a remembrance for this talented actor. Watching a film is personal. I mean, think about it! Look how many times we have allowed actors (complete strangers) to enter our living rooms and tell the story of the characters that they are playing. Eventually, over the years, these strangers continue to tell these stories and also that of new ones. We begin to enjoy their “presence” and we count on them to keep telling these stories. And then, all too soon, their own story comes to an end.

It’s often said that an artist continues to live on through the art that they created and a storyteller lives on through the stories they told. I think this applies to Alan Rickman.


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