While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this evening, I beheld the strangest looking…creature? Cartoon…? Well, it’s that thing below.

Ostrich made of vegetables
F666F2 Ostrich made of vegetables


Well, I actually discovered that it’s an ostrich made of vegetables. Well, not an actual ostrich, but you know what I mean. Reading further into the news story, it is essentially representing the concept of being a “climatarian” – one whose eating habits are more sustainable for the Earth. That means limiting the consumption of meat products, buying local, etc.

I’ve actually been determined to be greener at the grocery store and eat differently (for the sake of environment) though I didn’t know that there was a definition for this (except for the term “being green”). I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this term was recently derived amongst social media. Anywho, the fact that people are on the same bandwagon as me for the planet makes me happy! Also makes me feel good that I’m going green on household cleaning products – yes, my apartment has recently been scrubbed with vinegar, lemons, and baking soda. I will admit, I was afraid that my apartment was going to smell rather like a pickle and it did, but it only lasted for a couple of hours. Truth be told, it actually brought back childhood memories of decorating Easter eggs more than anything.

So, at the end of this post full of thoughts, ramblings, and the musings of the memories brought upon by the scent of vinegar, I am going to say full steam ahead with the concept of being a climatarian!


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