A Poem for Planet Earth


Today marked a historic agreement as the COP21 climate change summit reached a deal to help put a stop to global warming and to live a life that is more balanced with this planet. It is a huge step to saving our world and all of its inhabitants for future generations to come. Over the coming years, I eagerly anticipate seeing these changes be put into affect, but we must remember that we are all in this together and to start seeing results, we all need to pitch in and take care of our planet, Earth, this very moment, for each and every day of our lives.

We must care for and protect the very soil upon which we stand and the very air in which we breathe. We must preserve every forest and every coastline that we can. We must protect every species, whether swimming through the sea, climbing in the trees, or flying through the air. Essentially, we must, Save Our Mother Earth!:

Garbages are everywhere
Looks like everyone doesn’t care
About our Mother Earth who’s crying with fear
That she might eternally disappear

Storms, hurricanes and so much more
And we really can’t take it anymore
For the ‘end’ is coming
And we don’t where we are really going

Everyone must cooperate
Before its going to be late
In saving our beloved planet
While we still can, plan it

Let us empower our minds
To go beyond the lines
In seeking for ways to preserve our land
For the future of the world is in our hands!

~Joanna Patricia I. Sapio


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