Bookshelf Stories

Have you ever looked at someone’s bookshelf and seen a story? Of course you have! You have probably seen many stories for, after all, bookshelves are made to hold books. However, I’m talking about a different kind of story; the story of the person who owns the bookshelf. Imagine this scenario: You are in a room waiting to meet this person you know nothing about and have never seen in your life. You don’t even know their name! The room is rather bear, except for a bookshelf against the wall. You go to inspect and you see rows and rows of Romance novels, a collection of confectionery cookbooks showing how to make the most decadent chocolate desserts, a little book on manners and etiquette, all of which is topped off by a bouquet of wilting roses and lace doilies. So what comes to mind? My guess would be a lady, a hopeless romantic who embodies her femininity and who longs for a dashing man to come and sweep her off of her feet. See how the mind begins to paint a picture of this person?

Now, have a go at my bookshelf. Take your time to study it, then read the paragraph below.

Book Shelf

A little plain, yes (this is what happens when you basically live at your local library!) but look a little more closely and you can see that from all of the cookbooks that I like to cook (especially healthy dishes!), I like novels with an element of fantasy (*ahem* Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Outlander), I’m a bit of an American history buff, there’ more than one Victorian Gothic novelist on my shelf, and I have a passion for animals and learning about the natural world. You are, essentially, what you read and there’s no better way to discover this someone through what is placed on their bookshelf.


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