Reliving Childhood Through Reading



You know, as the years go on and we reach adulthood and begin this new journey in life, we may find ourselves, wistfully remember the days of playing outside, living under the care of mom and dad, going to school, watching cartoons, and well, just being a kid! It’s sometimes a sad realization that only old age is ahead of us and we will never truly be able to relive these moments again. However, there isn’t a rule saying that you can’t relive childhood again, especially through reading a book. I myself have once more cracked open the pages of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and, once more, I feel the connection with my childhood self and am reliving the days in which I dreamed of living in a jungle with only animals for friends. It was one of my favorite stories as a kid and, because of this, it has managed to capture my childhood within its pages so that I am immediately able to be transported back to the little girl, playing in her backyard, imagining that she was in the jungles of India and had a panther friend named Bagheera and a bear friend named Baloo.

How about your favorite books as a child? The books below are popular children’s stories, were any of these your favorites?

    hp     9780064400558.jpg   71TNYAGIaIL

Think back to the books that define your childhood, connect with them, and become the child that you once were.

Comments upon your favorite books as a child are welcomed in the comments below!


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