Halloween, Shelley, and Frankenstein, Already? Oh My!


Today, I went shopping in the grocery store and low and behold I was immediately confronted by Halloween decorations, candy, and costumes. Here we are, still in August, it’s about 85 degrees outside, pools are open and people are holding cookouts and yet the countdown to Halloween has already begun! On top of this, I learned today that it is the 218th birthday of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – the woman that created Dr. Frankenstein and his monster herself! I mean, I’m half expecting tomorrow to suddenly be October 31st instead of August 31st.

I read Shelley’s Frankenstein in my last year of college as part of one of my final literature courses. Being the lover of Gothic fiction that I am, I enjoyed its eeriness and mystery, but I will be honest and say that that book scared the pants off me. Call me a baby, a wimp, whatever you will, but it was just so unnerving and foreboding that it gave me the same sensations that I get when watching a horror movie. Now, in order to get that kind of reaction out of her readers, Shelley can be said to be one talented writer.  I mean, the success of her novel is still going strong and it’s embedded within pop culture history – not too bad for a horror story that is nearly 200 years old. So, if you haven’t read Frankenstein (or even watched one of the film adaptations), I encourage you to get out there and do so while also celebrating the fact that Halloween is only two months away!


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