Friday’s Featured Flick: Girl Rising


“I will read. I will study. I will learn. If you try to stop me, I will just try harder.”

Many of us live in a world in which a woman can be many things. She can be a mother, a police officer, a CEO, a doctor. She can be a daughter, a sister, a grandmother, yet she can also be our teacher, our boss, the mayor of our city. Many women who are able to hold such positions in our community have undoubtedly reached their goals through not only hard work and determination, but also through the gift of receiving an education.

In this week’s Friday’s Featured Flick, I watched the eye-opening documentary, “Girl Rising,” a film that traveled around the globe and followed nine girls as they grew up and overcome obstacles in the developing world in order to achieve their dreams – almost all of which were achieved through the wonders and gifts brought upon by an education.

Having received an education throughout my childhood and then adult years, it would be hard to imagine my world without it. I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t have the job I hold, I wouldn’t have the lifestyle privileges that I have – my world as I know it would be drastically different (and not in a better way) without my education and for many girls and women around the world, this is a sad reality.

Film is a great way to discover the world, to open our ideas to new places, cultures, and people, yet it also is great for shedding light on the aspects of life many of us are unaware of or on themes and conditions that are often overlooked. I encourage many to see this film, not only to follow the incredible stories of these young ladies, but to also learn that an education is not a gift that all girls receive, yet is one that should be given to all girls everywhere.


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