For the Love of Chocolate! Friday’s Featured Flick: Romantics Anonymous


 Many people feel guilty about eating chocolate and for good reasons (eaten in excess it can cause a myriad of health problems), but sometimes it’s actually good for you! For one thing, chocolate can lower cholesterol levels, prevent memory decline, reduce the risk of heart disease, ease stress, and even can make you fall in love – well, according to the film Romantics Anonymous.

I think I’ve mentioned this on Scribbles and Scripts before, but I really enjoy cooking and there is nothing better than baking (and I’ve made my fair share of chocolate fudge, and chocolate cookies, and chocolate cake)! Really, concocting the confections and then enjoying the sweet results, it gives me a joy that is well, rather like falling in love! Love and chocolate seems to be a theme found both in reality and also in fictional worlds. On Valentine’s Day, it’s common to give chocolate to your valentine, it’s something sensuous and tantalizing, forbidden and exotic, and (most importantly) it’s something sweet. In films, chocolate is paired with love and falling in love, such as in the film Chocolat, which follows the tale of a young woman who opens a chocolate shop in a small French village, only to have the town turned upside down and run through with passion after eating her confections. In Romantics Anonymous, we find that chocolate helps two people overcome their social anxiety disorders to finally accept themselves and fall in love.

    Romantics Anonymous uses the symbolism of chocolate and love that we all know and bakes it into a confection that is uniquely and whimsically its own. I guess one could say that chocolate is of course an individual taste and preference and these tastes and preferences often have a story behind them, but almost every story behind chocolate (be it personal or fictional) entails one of love. Through either connecting people through its qualities or making one fall in love with it itself, chocolate is an aphrodisiac that can clearly make people do crazy things – like devoting ones time to writing a screenplay (or blog post) all about it.


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