Ode to Spring Fever

I’m gazing out the window at the glorious sunshine, listening to the birds tweet and twitter, watching the tulips and daffodils sway in the breeze, spotting bees buzzing from bloom to bloom, inhaling the sweet, earthy smell of thawed ground and I can happily say that spring is here at last!

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year and there’s no question as to why – the earth is once more awakening from its slumber and coming alive in all its natural beauty once more. I’ve seen many spring seasons come and eventually fade into the heat of summer, but each new, sprout of spring is as unique as the many plants and animals that are born with its arrival.

Spring is a time of year of rebirth and rejuvenation and it’s absolutely inspirational to everyone, especially poets (perhaps this is why April is designated as National Poetry Month). Think about how many poems have been written through the ages about the beauty, the magic, and the wonder of spring. Nature is of course beautiful at any time of the year, but it is the blossoming season of spring that has captured the imagination of many! You have Shakespeare writing of love in his poem Spring, William Wordsworth connecting to a sense of spirituality with the season in his poem, Lines Written in Early Spring, and then you have a sense of melancholy about the season as woven together by Amy Gerstler in her poem, The Perpetual Spring. The list of poems could, of course, go on and on, but one of my most favorite poems about spring is called (what else!) Spring, and it’s written by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring –         
   When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;         
   Thrush’s eggs look little low heavens, and thrush         
Through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring         
The ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing;
   The glassy peartree leaves and blooms, they brush  
   The descending blue; that blue is all in a rush         
With richness; the racing lambs too have fair their fling.      

What is all this juice and all this joy?         

   A strain of the earth’s sweet being in the beginning
In Eden garden. – Have, get, before it cloy,         
   Before it cloud, Christ, lord, and sour with sinning,         
Innocent mind and Mayday in girl and boy,         
   Most, O maid’s child, thy choice and worthy the winning. 

So beautiful in its words and its imagery! You can definitely capture the wonders of the season through poetry! So go, do a little digging; discover some poems that speak of spring, write some of your own, and (most importantly) go out and enjoy the season to its fullest!


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